The Environment
Quoin Contracts Ltd take a proactive role in ensuring that our working practices on every project exceed the legislative requirements laid down by all the environment agencies.
We constantly strive to improve the environmental conditions of every site for our employees, clients and the general public.
We work to identify and remove any and all contaminants that are a threat to the environment and where the threat of pollution cannot be removed we tightly monitor and control the situation with legislative guidelines.
We are keen to adopt maximum impact on noise pollution for the working site and the surrounding population.
Our working practices on refurbishment sites ensures that there is the minimum disruption to any employees left on site, often working outside office hours to make their environment safe and free of unwanted distractions.
Our policy on recycling is important and we have reduced the use of non-recyclable materials on all our projects to the absolute minimum.
We dispose of the minimum of waste possible in a safe and responsible manner, waste materials are monitored for recyclability or re-purposing before they are even considered as waste materials.
We liaise with all our clients to utilise the use of sustainable materials wherever possible, making them aware of their involvement in adopting a responsible role within the environment and a proactive stance in reducing their carbon footprint.